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Let me compliment you and your workers for a job well done. Courteous…neat…cleaned up nicely after the job was finished. The new furnace is very quiet compared to the old furnace. We’ve got to get used to how quiet it is. It will also take time for to learn all the bells and whistles of the new Infinity thermostat. Enclosed are the pages from the National Electrical Code (also adopted by Northbrook) regarding the requirements that central heating systems must be supplied by an individual branch circuit.

Again, thanks for a job well done.

R. C. Mullin

It’s a pleasure to relate how good a job Mike did this morning with a shopping list of things to work on. Not only did he replace the burnt-out attic fan motor, he also managed to quiet its operation so much that I can barely hear it when it’s on. He raked the blown-in insulation around the attic access panel too! Amazing!

He then inspected the GE Slim-Line (PTAC) and found its condenser section loaded with dust and dirt. It now works far more effectively.

Mike inspected the newer Carrier PTAC and found it in good shape and re-installed its front cover properly so the unit no longer makes any noise.

Mike’s HVAC knowledge is thorough, his customer service-skills are superb and he gets all of the work done so all of the equipment here works properly once he’s finished.

Thanks to Mike, this morning has been unusually productive and enlightening.

Bob B

Thank you so much for your help with our A/C.

Laurie O

Thank you so much for taking care of Mom’s furnace so quickly and efficiently.

D and B Larson