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Northbrook, IL Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. brings a combined 78 years of experience to both the residential and commercial HVAC industries between our NATE-certified service technicians, installers, and engineers. Our number one priority is to guide our customer to simple and effective solutions for their unique home and business needs in Northbrook and beyond. This includes services like retrofit replacements to get high-efficiency equipment into aging homes and customized maintenance plans for the number of different businesses in the area. We provide what other contractors can’t!

Don’t settle for average heating and air conditioning services-Give our team a call at 847-272-5836 or contact to schedule HVAC services in Northbrook, IL.

Heating Services in Northbrook, IL

Have you heard much about HVAC retrofits in the past? You may have heard about refrigerant retrofits for heat pumps, but our retrofit services are more than just that. In addition to expert heating installation, heater repair, and heating maintenance service, our NATE-certified team also supplies comprehensive HVAC retrofits for older homes. This means if you have a decades-old home that’s always gotten by with a furnace, but you want to see if radiant heating would work for you, our team is the one that can manage the job!

Our Heating Systems

Heating retrofits are something that not all contractors can offer. Many don’t! Whatever type of heater you have in your home now, we have the tools and experience to either upgrade it or replace it with an entirely new system, no matter what you think the limitations of your household are. Contact us for service on furnaces, boilers, radiant heating systems, ductless heaters, and more. We treat our customers like family-we want you to be just as comfortable as we want our own families to be.

Northbrook, IL Air Conditioning Services

We’ve been providing comprehensive air conditioning services and HVAC retrofits to Northbrook, IL residents for over 40 years. Call our team for air conditioning installation and replacement services, or for 24-hour AC repair services. 

We install and service top brands of air conditioners so you can enjoy years of comfort. Call today to schedule air conditioning services in Northbrook and the surrounding area.

Water Heater Services

Did you know that tank water heaters have a component in them that absorbs rust so the inner lining of the tank doesn’t? It’s called an anode rod, and by keeping up on your annual maintenance appointments for your water heater to have this component checked, you can help prevent sudden water heater repair needs and even premature water heater replacement. You’d also do well to consider the advantages of tankless water heaters, which have become increasingly popular!

Commercial HVAC Services

We don’t just offer the basic necessities when it comes to commercial air conditioning and commercial heating. For instance, have you heard of makeup air systems and exhaust systems? Makeup air systems bring in fresh outdoor air without impacting temperature, while exhaust systems help your commercial systems work more efficiently. With this as well our commercial indoor air quality solutions and commercial chiller services, we are the team to call for all your HVAC needs.