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Indoor Air Quality Services in Winnetka, IL

Were you aware that your indoor air quality can actually be worse than the quality of air outside? Whether you have a newer or an updated home, it’s likely sealed up very tightly against the elements, and for good reason! Proper weather sealing and insulation ensures that heat stays in during the winter, and out during the summer. This also means, unfortunately, that contaminants like allergens and pollutants stay in!

So what can you do about it? Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for exceptional indoor air quality services. Something like a high-efficiency air filtration system, a humidifier, a UV air purifier, or some combination of these can make a world of difference in how comfortable you feel, and how healthy the air you breathe is.

Don’t wait—contact our team today for your indoor air quality needs in Winnetka and along the North Shore.

Your Indoor Air Quality System Installation Options

For many Winnetka area homeowners, hearing the term "home comfort" conjures up thoughts of how warm or cool it is in the living space. Comfort is more than just temperature though—there are a variety of factors that contribute to poor or improved indoor air quality.

For example, did you know the level of allergens inside your home can be worse than that of outdoors, particularly because they have no escape? Or how you could actually be losing conditioned and heated air through damaged ductwork? At Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we have the indoor air quality products and services you need to combat this.

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers:
    • The air filter that comes standard with your HVAC system is not enough—quality air filtration takes more than this. Ask us about whole-house air filtration system to effectively filter out contaminants from the air.
    • There are different types of air purifiers, targeting unique needs. For instance, a UV air purifier destroys microbiological cells like mold and mildew before it has a chance to enter your airspace.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: The ideal relative humidity levels of any given home should be between 30%-50%. Do you know where your Winnetka, IL home stands?
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: It’s possible to have fresh air still, even though you have your windows and doors tightly sealed up in the winter and summer seasons. Heat and energy recovery ventilators both effectively eliminate stale air and bring in fresh air instead.

Do You Need a Quality Indoor Air Quality Solution?

What are some signs that your indoor air quality might be suffering, and an air quality system could benefit you?

  • You have members of your household suffering from allergies and asthma.
  • It seems easier for cold and flu bugs to travel through your living space.
  • You’re noticing visible signs of moisture and/or mold growth in your home.
  • The air feels dry and stale in the winter, and too muggy in the summer.

Whatever your indoor air quality need is, we are here to serve it. We put our hearts in our business and we’re committed to helping our customers make wise decisions about the appliances they choose for their living spaces. You’re in good hands with our indoor air quality experts!