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Our HVAC Maintenance Program in Winnetka, IL

Preventive maintenance is integral to ensuring that your HVAC equipment lasts as long as possible and performs efficiently throughout its lifespan. It helps lower your utility bills and affords customers a number of benefits.

Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been working with residents and business owners throughout Winnetka, IL and along the North Shore for over 40 years, and we look forward to helping to keep your home or commercial space comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient. Contact us for professional HVAC maintenance!

Our Residential HVAC Maintenance Program

Ask about our Discount Club residential maintenance program! Members receive:

  • Discounts on parts & labor for repairs.
  • Seasonal Maintenance included at no additional charge—money-saving tune-ups!
  • Free Reminders so you can take this off your "to do" list—we call you to schedule seasonal maintenance.
  • Increase Equipment Life from regular cleaning. The #1 reason for HVAC system failure is dirt! Properly maintained equipment simply lasts longer.
  • Lower Utility Bills due to increased efficiency. Properly maintained HVAC equipment keeps more money in your pocket.
  • Priority Service so you can "cut in line" ahead of non-Discount Club members—even at our busiest times!
  • Peace of Mind as your systems are safety-checked, saving you money, and working correctly. If your system isn’t working right, you know who to call.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our Discount Club agreement can be canceled at any time, for any reason—or for no reason—with the unused portion of your dues refunded.

Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Keeping a commercial building, with many people moving around in it all day, is tough. If you’re commercial heating and cooling systems aren’t well-maintained, you could find yourself facing harsh consequences.

Routine commercial maintenance helps improve energy efficiency, HVAC performance, and reliability. You have enough to worry about running your business—don’t let a potential broken down HVAC system be a concern!