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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Winnetka, IL

Many homes in Winnetka, IL are inundated with stuffy air that is almost impossible to get rid of. Sure, you could open a window, but doing that would let all the heated air out during the winter, or let your precious conditioned air escape during the summer. HRV and ERV installations represent a solution to this problem, and the team at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you achieve it.

These systems use a high-tech process called counterflow heat exchange to transfer the heat and energy of your old, stale air into the fresh air from outside. They’re a simple and effective way to enjoy fresh air without losing out on the energy efficiency that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our team can help you achieve clear, fresh air through the use of these systems.

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HRV and ERV Installation

Did you know that the air inside our homes is actually more polluted than the air outdoors? Contaminants get purified and dissipated outdoors, while they can remain stuck inside where there’s not much airflow. This is where that stuffy feeling comes from. Your home in Winnetka, IL could be packed with dust, dirt, and biological contaminants that are making you sick.

Heat recovery systems work by transferring the heat of your indoor air, to the fresh air that comes from outside. This gives your home high efficiency without having to breathe in stuffy air. Energy recovery ventilators work the same way except they can also transfer humidity from your indoor air to the incoming outdoor air. That means you get the powerful humidity control you’re used to, without the stale old indoor air!

HRV and ERV Replacement

HRV systems go through a lot of air throughout their lifespan. You might find yourself depending on your HRV or ERV system to the point where you can’t imagine breathing in your air without it. That’s why our HRV and ERV replacement services are so vital. If your system gets to the 10 or 15 year mark, we can completely remove it and replace it with a unit that works perfectly from the get go.

Our HRV and ERV services are performed by NATE-certified technicians and a team that’s a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We’re not only professionals, but we’re extremely highly skilled at what we do. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us replace your old HRV or ERV system.

HRV and ERV Repair

If your air is starting to feel old and stale again in Winnetka, IL, then you likely need HRV and ERV repairs. A broken energy or heat recovery ventilator won’t work as well as it should, and you’ll soon be surrounded by stuffy, contaminated air again. You can even call us on our 24/7 emergency hotline to tell us about your problem so we can address it as soon as possible.

Our team also specializes in routine HRV/ERV maintenance services that will keep your system in good shape going forward. We can make minor adjustments and repairs to your ventilation system to ensure it’s in good condition for the coming year. Call us today to learn more!