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Last Year’s AC Problems Occurring Today

When something is “time-sensitive,” what does that mean to you? You probably think about getting invited to an event where you have to RSVP, or paying your bills. These things need to be done in a certain amount of time, otherwise, you’re out of luck, right? Well, homeowners think that their air conditioner repair doesn’t fit that category, but that’s not entirely true.

AC systems can run into problems that either get worse over time or stay just as bad as they always were. An unfortunate reality about machine problems is that nothing ever gets better on its own. A technician needs to fix it properly. Do you need air conditioning service in Wilmette, IL because you’ve got a reoccurring problem from last year? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Today, let’s focus on what the big deal is with AC repair and why you should almost never wait until “next year” to get it fixed.

What Happens Between Then and Now

In order to understand what’s going on with your air conditioner this year, we need to talk about the past. Problems that existed before are likely going to haunt you like a wandering ghost until you have something done about it. Here are just a few problems that can get exacerbated by the time spent in hibernation.

Refrigerant Leak

When refrigerant leaks from your air conditioning system, that’s coming from a finite pool of materials that won’t automatically be recharged without the help of a professional. And to top it all off, if your air conditioner springs a leak at the end of the summer or fall, it could have leaked even more refrigerant over the winter while it was in hibernation.

Basically, before you run your air conditioner for the first time this year, we urge you to either call and schedule maintenance or repairs. You can schedule maintenance if you’re unsure about whether your system has any problems, and call us for repairs if you’re more certain there’s something wrong leftover from last year. (You’ll need maintenance as well, but priorities are important!)

Dirty Coils

If your air conditioner’s coils are dirty, this problem could get worse over time. For instance, when a system sits in your home and doesn’t work, it gathers dust. That dust could be inhibiting your AC’s coils even more, and without proper maintenance to support it year after year, you could see a dramatic decrease in cooling power.

Regardless of how this problem gets on your radar, it’s important to have us on speed dial so we can check it out and clean your coils if need be!

Broken Ducts

Your air ducts go through a lot. If you’ve got a furnace or other central, forced-air heating system, then your ducts likely shift and expanded when air traveled through them this winter. That expansion and compression of air ducts between heating and cooling seasons will really wear them down and cause them to leak like crazy.

Why not get your air ducts checked out? This is usually something that can be done while our team performs maintenance or repairs on your AC, so you can kill two birds with one stone!

Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for proper AC repairs done right.

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