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Maintenance and Repairs Go Hand in Hand

There’s a growing misconception that if you’re on a budget, you need to choose between maintenance and repairs. Repairs can be scheduled when you need them, like when an air conditioner breaks down or starts running into problems. Maintenance is preventative, meaning you get it at the start of the year in hopes that any problems are caught before they become repair needs. In reality, both of these services are necessary. They work together, and even if you’re on a budget, we recommend calling us for both.

We try to make this obvious by having our maintenance plan give discounts on parts and labor for repairs. When you sign up for maintenance, it makes it cheaper and easier to call us for repairs when you need them. It shouldn’t be a choice between air conditioning repair in Glenview, IL and maintenance, you should always invest in both!

Here’s why.

Problem Solving Is the Important Part

AC repairs and maintenance aren’t some kind of magic spell that wards away pesky problems like something right out of the Harry Potter movies. It’s technical science, and at the root of both maintenance and repairs is problem-solving. Your air conditioner is statistically likely to run into problems throughout its ten to fifteen-year lifespan. These services are designed to detect those problems and fix them promptly.

If you want to solve the majority, if not all of the problems that your air conditioner is bound to run into, then you’ll need to invest in both maintenance and repairs.

The Problems That Maintenance Solves

Maintenance appointments first and foremost are inspections. Our technicians have a detailed list that allows us to check all of the important components of your system. If there are any budding problems, efficiency issues, or signs of wear and tear, we can fix them right then and there.

We can even alert you to a repair need in the future so you can plan accordingly. We clean coils, change filters, and make sure that your air conditioner is set up for success in the future. This is necessary because it’s going to keep things running efficiently.

Repairs Are Necessary Too

Air conditioners still run into repair needs, regardless of how much maintenance they’ve had. While maintenance helps reduce the number of repairs your system will run into, it will still need to be repaired every once in a while.

Repairs are about the here and now. When your system breaks down, runs up the bill, or isn’t keeping you comfortable, you call for quick repairs. Waiting on this kind of service can make things much worse for your system and your budget.

Get Both, More Affordably

Our maintenance club is designed to give you discounts on repair and keep things in good shape. We send you reminders, give you access to priority service scheduling, and even a satisfaction guarantee on all the work we perform!

Basically, you’re losing money if you only invest in one or the other. Invest in both services together to maximize the efficacy and lifespan of your air conditioning system!

Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for quality maintenance and repair services!

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