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Why Is HVAC Work So Expensive?

You might be surprised to see a team of HVAC professionals aware of this, but many homeowners think that HVAC work is too expensive these days. Back in the day, it cost a lot less to have your air conditioner fixed, your refrigerant recharged, or even your ductwork repaired. Some neighbors or friends will even tell you that they used to make those fixes on their own, especially if they were trying to save money.

So, what makes things different now? Are air conditioners really that different from how they used to be? Are professionals really more trained or experienced than they used to be? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes, but it’s just not that simple. Let’s talk about why hiring an HVAC company in Wheeling, IL is going to cost more than it used to–and why that might not be too bad.

Technology Has Changed

Air conditioners are not the same as they used to be, that’s for sure! The big difference in technology today vs. technology from decades ago is the complexity of the system and the materials they’re made from. Older systems were simple cooling units with Freon as the main refrigerant. They bumped and churned and produced a nominal amount of cooling while sucking up a lot of electricity.

Now, air conditioners rarely run with Freon refrigerant, and instead, they run with R-410A or Puron refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and less dense. Also, the components in an air conditioning system are designed to cool homes of very specific sizes and for longer periods of time.

Basically, AC units are a lot more robust, long-lasting, and efficient these days. This means that more specialized training is required for pros to provide support.

Priorities Are Different

When people used to purchase air conditioners in the 80s or 90s, the main priority was staying cool. Energy efficiency was still a priority, but it wasn’t nearly as much of a priority as it is today. With the cost of electricity and the state of environmental changes, it’s vital that our air conditioners run affordably and efficiently. Cooling is still a high priority (perhaps it will always be the highest), but now it’s becoming clear that every home needs a system that will run with minimal energy consumption.

These shifting priorities are what require more precise equipment and specialized training, leading to higher HVAC costs than before.

The Industry Is Changing

Perhaps the biggest reason why HVAC work is expensive, is the fact that the industry is going through a pretty massive change. People used to open up their phonebooks or find technicians through word of mouth, but that’s just not good enough. Most of our communication these days goes over the internet or text message, which means that reputable HVAC companies need to be more transparent and communicative through these methods.

Technicians from reputable teams like ours need to not only be a great resource for your air conditioner, but friendly, reliable, and more communicative than they used to be–because there’s more on the line!

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