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3 Signs Of Commercial Chiller Repair

Your business is booming, and all you want to do now is enjoy your success. But your chiller or refrigerator won’t just leave you be. Customers keep complaining about warm products, a putrid smell in the refrigerator, and incorrect temperature settings.

Clearly, something needs to be done. For your chiller and refrigerator to work efficiently, you should schedule fast diagnosis and repair with our team.

The Benefits of Chiller Repair and Maintenance

  • Through maintenance, you can be proactive in issues and sort them out before they get serious. Maintenance is a regular service that goes a long way!
  • Repairs can quickly target problems and eliminate them, from incorrect temperature readings to an inefficiently working chiller that consumes too much energy.

A faulty chiller can lead to adverse health conditions.

In this guide, we cover some of the sinister signs that should alert you to issues with your chiller and refrigerator.

Warm Products

One function of a refrigerator is to keep food cold. When your refrigerator is faulty, you’ll have instances of customers complaining about lukewarm products. So, what can cause your fridge not to cool anymore?

Overfilling the refrigerator can cause warm products by preventing free cold air circulation. Similarly, a chiller that’s leaking refrigerant is going to be unable to properly cool the space inside of it.

It’s advisable to ensure the products in your refrigerator are well-spaced and to have a professional check the refrigerant levels of your system if you suspect a problem.

Just because some of your products might be fine to consume warm, doesn’t mean you should. Contact a technician for assessment to identify the main issues and get them sorted out.

Unhealthy Foods

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as opening your refrigerator and anticipating fresh foods only to find a putrid smell. This is a sign of spoiled food.

Cold temperatures inhibit the growth of bacteria in food by keeping it fresh and healthy. Unsanitary food is an indication your refrigerator is at fault. You should have your refrigerator fixed as soon as possible to avoid any accidents or illnesses in your building.

Unfavorable Working Conditions

Incorrect room temperature settings are an instance of a faulty chiller system. A failed cooling fan or dirty condenser makes the refrigerant discharge pressure too low. Moreover, check if the electric circuit is working because there might be a blown circuit breaker. 

However, it is advisable to find an expert to diagnose the issues instead of guessing what the cause might be and ending up wrong because you aren’t a technician.

Regular repairs and maintenance ensure efficiency and help you save on energy costs. However, if your refrigerator is old enough, there will be many repairs needed. You will need to get a new one because a typical refrigerator only lasts between 10-15 years

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We offer quick and efficient services for all repair and maintenance needs. Our highly experienced technicians are also committed to guiding you to high-quality solutions that meet your home comfort needs. We will ensure that your commercial chiller or refrigerator is working again to your enjoyment!

Contact us today to have your commercial chillers in Prospect Heights, IL repaired!

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