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4 Red Flags Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Keeping up with heat pump service will ensure your unit keeps operating to heat and cool your home for many years to come. We know that sometimes signs are right there pointing to something being wrong with your heat pump, but you just keep putting off the call for service. Consider this your sign to call today for heat pump repair in Winnetka, IL.

Taking preventative action is the key to preventing a total breakdown this summer. So if you notice any or all of the four red flags highlighted in this post, you need to prioritize service to prevent heat pump problems. Keep reading to learn about the ways your heat pump tells you that something is going wrong inside the system.

Unusual Noises

Heat pumps are known to be fairly quiet when they operate for both heating and cooling. Aside from hearing airflow moving through the system and the unit clicking on and off before and after cycles, you really shouldn’t hear any other sounds. 

Hearing quiet but persistent sounds like constant clicking or rattling are concerning. Loud and startling noises are just as bothersome. No matter what noises your heat pump is making, the unit deserves professional attention to get down to the root cause of what is going wrong so that it can be fixed.

Airflow Changes

If you notice that your heat pump suddenly stops putting out cool air during the summer, it may be because there is an airflow problem. Without enough air leading into the system, there won’t be enough airflow to cool down and blow out into your home.

The same is true of airflow leading away from the heat pump. Heat and humidity need to release outside to help cool the air down inside of your home. If your outdoor unit is dirty and heat isn’t able to blow outside, it gets trapped in your home and eventually ends up recirculating. You may notice that airflow coming out of your vents is not as cool as you expect it to be, or that the airflow is weak instead of strong.

Operational Differences

If you see that your heat pump begins to turn on and off at different times, this can mean that a safety feature is being triggered or that your unit cannot keep up with cooling your home. You may not know exactly how long a cooling cycle lasts for when your heat pump is on, but it’s easy to identify unusual cycles.

The standard is usually between 10 and 15 minutes for a single cooling cycle. If your heat pump is staying on much longer than that or turning on and off every couple of minutes, those are operational changes that you need to make our team aware of. If for some reason, your heat pump is not able to complete a cooling cycle the way it was designed, the contributing problem needs to be fixed.

Bad Odors

Unusual smells that originate from within your heat pump usually mean trouble, or something inside of the unit may be burning up or overheating. In the case of a musty damp odor, you may have mold growing somewhere inside of the system.

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