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What’s Wrong With Your Heat Pump?

Temperatures are really starting to drop, and it’s getting to be that time of year where we rely pretty heavily on our heating systems. Before winter hits us in full force, it’s a good idea to take your heat pump for a test drive and really think about how well it holds up. If it’s running perfectly, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Chances are though, if you landed on this blog post, then you’re likely in need of some help with your heat pump in Winnetka. There’s something wrong with it and our team is here to help. We want to talk about some common problems that heat pumps run into, and why calling for professional service is the next logical step for homeowners to take.

Whatever the problem may be, we promise we can help. Our team has the right equipment, training, and technical expertise to diagnose heat pumps correctly and fix issues quickly.

3 Common Problems With Heat Pumps

When you run into problems with your heat pump, it’s important that you get a good idea of where the problem is coming from and what it feels like. This kind of information can be extremely helpful for an HVAC technician when they start to diagnose the issue and make repairs.

Take some notes on how your system is acting and compare those notes to the following three types of problems. If they seem similar, you might be able to help us narrow down the problem and get it addressed!

The System Is Constantly Running

If your heat pump is constantly running, or running in extremely long cycles, then you’ve got a pretty serious problem on your hands. Not only will these long cycles drain your home’s energy and cause your bills to skyrocket, but they’ll cause your system to get worn down faster than it should.

Usually, this problem can be attributed to an issue with poor thermostat settings telling the system to continue running for long periods of time. Or, it could be due to a clogged air filter, a refrigerant leak that’s causing the system to compensate, or a whole slew of other small repair needs that can be addressed by a professional.

Your Heat Pump Is Broken Down

If your heat pump isn’t running at all, this is obviously a serious problem. Many times this can also be attributed to incorrect thermostat settings and a dirty air filter.

Sometimes, a broken-down heat pump can also be related to an electrical malfunction. The system relies on a steady flow of electricity in order for it to heat your home properly. If you’ve got tripping circuits or something wrong with the electrical input to the system, then it could stop running entirely.

The Heat Pump Is Blowing Out Cool Air

Cool air can be great during the summer, but if your heat pump is set to heating mode and it’s still blowing cool air into your home, that’s a big problem. Sometimes this can be attributed to a broken reversing valve that needs to be replaced by a professional. Other times, it could be as simple as needing to have a refrigerant leak patched and the refrigerant recharged.

Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

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