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3 AC Noises You Should Never Ignore

No air conditioner runs completely silently. You’re going to hear it cycle on and off if you’re near your compressor, and then of course there’s the whoosh of air coming through your vents. Too many homeowners operate under the assumption that their banging air conditioner is just working as intended when really it’s screaming out for help.

We wish air conditioners were programmed with a voice that could tell us when they need repairs, but they’re not. AC repair in Winnetka is vital when you’re hearing disconcerting noises from our system.

Let’s talk about some of the noises that an air conditioner can make, what they correspond to, and what you can do to help! Obviously, any concerns can be sent to us since we’re your local air conditioning experts. Don’t be afraid to give us a call.

Stay Vigilant

So, let’s say your air conditioner starts making one of the following noises. What do you do? If you answered that question with the word, “nothing,” then you’re probably in for some bad news to come. If your answer was “investigate,” or “call my local professional,” then you’re going in the right direction!

Noises are always signals that there’s something wrong. The problem can be anywhere from a clogged air filter, to a refrigerant leak, or a whole system breakdown. Make sure you get in contact with professionals to fix the issue.

Hissing and Bubbling

This is a simple one. Your air conditioner functions by cycling refrigerant throughout the system, evaporating and condensing it as it goes. This turns it from a liquid to a gas and vice versa. In this process, heat gets absorbed by the refrigerant and released outside, allowing your home to properly cool the air inside.

When your system starts leaking refrigerant, it can make a hissing or bubbling sound. This sound either denotes the gas escaping the refrigerant lines, or air bubbles that have made their way inside. Either way, call for a professional today!


Rattling can signify many different things—but usually, this sound comes from things that have gotten loose. Take some time to check the exterior of your system as well as the air filter to make sure nothing has come loose. If you notice anything out of place, don’t try to fix it yourself. Take some time to call us can schedule repairs with a technician.


Clicking is a natural occurrence twice during a cooling cycle. There should be one click when the system turns on and one when the system turns off. That’s it. If you hear a click any other time, you could be dealing with an electrical issue.

Not only that, but multiple clicks per hour can mean that your air conditioner is short-cycling. This can be very bad since a short-cycling air conditioner is usually stressed, suffering from a refrigerant leak, sized incorrectly, or troubled in other ways. Call us to get to the bottom of it.

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