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Should You Replace Your AC? Let’s Find Out

We don’t mean to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re specialists at this kind of thing. Deciding whether to repair or replace your aging air conditioner can be a conundrum for so many homeowners. With the number of vicious salesmen that will try to sell you a brand new system regardless of the condition your current AC is in, it’s a difficult subject to approach.

Our philosophy is more customer-focused than that. You shouldn’t have to purchase an AC replacement in Winnetka, IL we believe it’s the right course of action for your budget and your comfort. If repairs can do the job now, we won’t push you.

That being said, it’s important to figure out just when an air conditioner replacement is necessary and when it’s not. Keep reading, as we parse through the details and figure out what type of service you’ll require.

To Repair or Replace

That is the question! If your air conditioner is having some out of the ordinary trouble, then a repair is usually the right path to take. AC systems require repairs a few times in their lifespans, so that shouldn’t be alarming. However, when problems begin to compound, or the system grows old, it’s efficiency and effectiveness will begin to wane. This is unavoidable regardless of how much the system is repaired. That’s why we’d like to talk about when you should start investing in a replacement.

  • Age. Air conditioners are only supposed to last between 10-15 years. If your system is around that age and showing signs of a problem, then consider a replacement. Paying for repairs on a system this old is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone. You’re going to need a more comprehensive and long-term solution in the near future.
  • Frequent Repairs. Repairs should only be necessary a few times during the ownership of an air conditioner. If you’re calling our team multiple times a year, chances are there’s something a lot worse going on in your system. Consider having it replaced to correct this issue and make your life easier!
  • Low Efficiency. Air conditioners should have a steady energy-efficiency throughout their lifespan. The moment the system ages between 10-15 years old, all bets are off. You could see efficiency drop off dramatically when the unit encounters a problem or gets too old. Having it replaced can be a good way to mitigate this in the future.
  • Expensive Repairs. We use a general rule of thumb when it comes to AC replacement. If a prospective set of repairs costs half as much or more than the cost of a replacement system, it’s always more cost-effective to go with the replacement.

Enjoy Peace of Mind. Call Us

AC replacements do a good job of making your life a lot easier. They’re long-term solutions that give you a fresh, efficient start to your life. Sometimes trying to fix the same air conditioner over and over again can be maddening. A replacement can have those worries gone in an instant.

Make sure you call our team of professionals to have the job done right.

The team at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. knows exactly how to replace a faulty air conditioner. Call us today for expert services.

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