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3 Rules for an Air Conditioning Replacement

Air conditioning replacement is an eventuality. Your AC can work for a long time, but it just can’t work forever. Eventually, you’ll need to invest in a new system that’s hopefully more effective and energy efficient to fit your needs in the future. Until then, we urge homeowners to invest in prompt repairs and yearly maintenance.

However, if you’re confronted with an expensive repair right now, then we want you to look into how much a replacement would cost in comparison. It could be that an AC replacement in Winnetka, IL could be more cost-effective in a variety of different ways. The only way you’ll know for sure is by doing your own research and working closely with a trusted professional.

We’d like to help you out by bringing you three specific rules that can help you gauge whether or not your home is ready for an AC replacement.

3 Rules to Help You Choose

Rules are meant to be followed for a specific reason. If it’s not a good rule to have in your life, then it’s better thrown away. Each of these rules serve a specific function–to help guide homeowners who might be nervous or confused about when to get an air conditioner replacement. Remember, you can always check with a licensed HVAC technician to get a professional opinion before choosing which path feels right.

Let’s get on with three rules to help you with air conditioner replacement services.

The Halfway Rule

The halfway rule is quite simple. Every time you have a broken air conditioner that requires a repair, compare the cost of that repair in its entirety to the cost of installing a new AC replacement. If the cost of repairs is equal to half or more of the replacement’s cost, then you’re almost always better off choosing the replacement.

Air conditioners need to be cost-effective, and if your system costs more than half the cost of a new unit just to keep running, then you’re getting diminishing returns on your investment at this point.

The 10-15 Year Rule

Here’s a simple rule that most professional HVAC technicians would agree with–air-sourced AC units are only designed to last between 10-15 years in age. Sure, your air conditioner theoretically could last 20 years giving you cool air, but it’s exceptionally rare for that to happen, and it’s more likely to give you additional problems and high energy bills rather than comfort.

If your AC reaches the 10-15 year mark, think about getting it replaced instead of trying to fix it.

The 5000 Rule

If your air conditioner runs into a repair, then you’re going to need to calculate a few things. Since repairs can be all over the place in terms of cost, here’s another rule that can help sort things out.

Take the amount your repair will cost and multiply it by the age in years of your AC system. If the result is more than 5000, then it’s a pretty clear indicator that this repair is not worth it and you’re better of investing in a replacement. The older your system is, the less cost-effective a repair is going to be, so keep this in mind going forward.

Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to invest in a new AC replacement for your home.

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