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How Much Could a Retrofitted HVAC System Save You?

Retrofitting may be the answer if it’s time for a new air conditioner, but you’re not ready to make that expensive investment. There are many times when you can make some upgrades to your existing air conditioner to keep it running for longer. In fact, you may be able to get enough life out of the unit to make the project worthwhile.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of retrofitting an AC and when it might be right for you, your home, and your family. Then give us a call if you are interested in trying to retrofit an HVAC system in Northbrook, IL.

What Is an HVAC Retrofit?

When you invest in retrofitting your existing HVAC, you pay to upgrade the controls and the automation systems. The result is more efficient components that help to ensure improved air distribution and filtration. The idea is to maximize the lifespan of an older system by upgrading components that can lead to energy savings and improved effectiveness.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an HVAC retrofit can save you nearly a third on your monthly energy bills. These savings are in addition to the thousands you save compared to installing an entirely new unit. The more life you can get out of your existing unit, the better.

How Do You Know if an HVAC Retrofit is Right? 

The first step is to look at the unit as a whole, paying particular attention to the air handler, condenser, and the attached ductwork. Our team will note signs of unusual wear and damage like rust, leaks, and cracks. 

Our next stop is to check refrigerant levels. A low refrigerant charge can mean that there is a leak somewhere in the line that needs to be fixed. Your AC is probably working harder than it needs to in cooling your home. 

We may also ask to review your past energy bills as far back as you can provide them. We may be able to determine a pattern in higher-use seasons or consistent upticks in energy costs that point to a loss in efficiency. 

Our last stop is your ductwork. First, we measure the airflow coming out of vents all around your home. The temperature and airflow strength should be consistent from room to room. If not, that indicates ductwork problems interfering with proper airflow. 

Other Benefits of an HVAC Retrofit

In addition to better energy efficiency, you may also enjoy better indoor air quality. An HVAC system that works at its best is also doing more to filter out harmful particles from the air. Sealing the attached ductwork is another step that really helps in improving air quality inside your home. 

Your home will also be more comfortable. An HVAC system that works efficiently can produce better results. Your home will cool down faster and maintain a more consistent temperature over the course of a day. 

Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioning retrofit appointment as soon as possible.

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