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The Problem with a Noisy Cooling System

Is your air conditioner making noises? No, we’re not talking about the slight sound of whooshing air or the clicking every now and then when the system turns on. We’re talking about noises like banging, buzzing, screeching, or anything that might keep you up at night. If your system is starting to sound more like a monster that hides under your bed than a quiet, cooling system, then you’re likely got a problem.

These problems are not the kinds of problems you can just ignore. Problems associated with noises almost always signify the need for air conditioning service in Winnetka, IL because of how they can often compound into more expensive issues down the line. Sure, if you don’t care about the condition of your AC and you’re okay with paying exorbitant prices later on, then you can ignore it. For everyone else, keep reading. We’re going to discuss the details of air conditioner noises and what they might mean for you.

Nasty Noises

The following noises might not sound like much to you when you hear them, but they can ruin your day in the future when they compound into something much worse, and much more expensive.


When you hear rattling, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s probably the thought that something is loose, right? Well, you’re absolutely correct!

Rattling noises that come from an air conditioner usually signify that there’s a small part, perhaps a bolt or a screw, that’s loose and bouncing around the interior components of the system. While this might not sound like a big deal initially, that rattling part can cause some serious damage when left in disrepair. By calling a professional for help, you can get the loose part refastened and the system repaired to its original condition.


Did you know that the contactor is responsible for starting and stopping the cooling process in your air conditioner? The contactor is a small electrical component that signals the system to start and stop, which is an integral part to the electrical functionality of your system. When your air conditioner starts to click more than just once or twice a cycle, it could signal a bad contactor.

This could also signal that there’s something wrong with your thermostat which is causing it to turn off and on rapidly. This will deteriorate your air conditioner the longer its left unchecked.

Hissing or Bubbling

This noise is a clear sign that not enough homeowners know about. A hissing or bubbling air conditioner is almost always the victim of a refrigerant leak. The hissing noise is usually the pressurized refrigerant escaping the lines as a gas, and the bubbling is the sound of air bubbles that have started to form in the liquid refrigerant line.

If you hear either of these sounds, then you’ve got to call for a professional as soon as possible. A refrigerant leak over time will start to cause your AC to lose efficiency, efficacy, and eventually break down. If you’re like anyone else and want to avoid a system breakdown, call our team today!

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