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4 Sounds Your Furnace Can Make and What They Mean

Technician working on HVAC unit ventilation shaft.

Your furnace is bound to make some noise when it kicks on. Some loud noise is to be expected, but it’s a problem when they don’t settle down. The next time you turn your furnace on, listen closely to know whether it’s normal, or if you’ll need furnace repair in Morton Grove, IL that residents turn to time after time to fix the problem.

Loud Booming Sounds or Banging When You Turn it On

It’s not uncommon for your furnace to make a booming sound as you turn it on. That’s your ductwork expanding from the heat, and occasionally you will hear a sound as a result of your furnace ignition. At startup, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Sometimes that booming sound can come from dirty furnace burners or ignition problems. These are normally louder than the sound it makes when you turn your furnace on and are fairly distinguishable. There’s a chance that the sound you’re hearing could be defective gas valves, which will present themselves by flooding your furnace or a complete shutdown when you don’t expect it.

Screeching or Squealing Sound

Screeching or squealing indicates that there’s a problem with your blower. This is what spins the fan blades to push and pull air in your furnace. Your blower motor has bearings that will wear down over time, causing metal-on-metal friction. That’s the sound you’re hearing.

While this can be fairly standard and signal that you’re due for furnace maintenance, it can also cause problems. Dirt or debris can get into your blower motor bearings and force that sound. You should contact a technician to prevent further damage to your unit and get it checked out as soon as possible.

Wild Rattling Sounds

Rattling may not be the worst sound you hear from your furnace. This usually means a part is loose. While that’s not exactly good news, rattling is normally loud enough that you notice it right when it starts. If you shut down your furnace and contact a repair technician, this problem can be resolved quickly without causing major damage to your furnace.

Constant Buzzing or a Low Humming Noise

Buzzing sounds are notoriously related to electrical problems. If you know the buzzing or humming sound is coming from your furnace, shut it down. There’s likely a problem with the electrical components.

When you call a professional, they can inspect and replace any wiring or components that are causing the humming noise. If done properly, your furnace shouldn’t endure any electrical damage or fried wires.

Sound Isn’t Stopping? Time to Get it Looked at

Your furnace can seem like an orchestra of different sounds at certain times. If the noises don’t stop or you hear anything that points to damage, it’s time to make a call. Fortunately, we have 24/7 emergency service calls available, as well as financing options to help you with your repairs. You don’t have to sit in the cold even when a furnace emergency strikes.

Contact us today to take care of those pesky furnace sounds and get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

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