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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Heat Pump?

Two technicians servicing a damaged boiler.

Heat pumps are the future of home HVAC, but they’re not without limitations. A heat pump can last for around 15 years, although some may extend to 20 or more depending on the consistency and quality of maintenance and repairs over the years.

Let’s find out where your heat pump stands, and if you need heat pump repair in Prospect Heights, IL to extend its life for as long as possible.

An Average Lifespan of 15 Years

Heat pumps last for the same amount of time as a furnace or a separate AC unit does, but the beauty is that one machine does both of those jobs. Even though it endures twice as much stress as either separate unit would on its own, it still provides you with a long lifespan.

Heat pumps can last longer than 15 years with maintenance. With proper care and consistent maintenance, your heat pump can last up to 20 years. While something could break at any point, you can give your unit its best fighting chance at a long life.

Your Heat Pump Won’t Last Without Maintenance

An average lifespan includes expected annual maintenance to reach that 15-year lifespan. Without it, you’re looking at around 10 years of use before you have to replace your entire heat pump, even with the occasional repair call.

Your heat pump brand, installation quality, and consistent maintenance schedule are all factors in how long it will last. Because your heat pump is both heating and cooling your home, it endures a lot of stress. Annual maintenance is required as a bare minimum to keep it running and help it last longer than 15 years.

Delaying Repairs Could Damage Your System Faster

One unchecked repair could cause widespread damage to your heat pump. Because there are fewer working parts in a heat pump than in your traditional HVAC unit, so when one component breaks it makes a bigger (and more immediate) impact. When it rains, it pours.

If you delay repairs just because your heat pump is still producing somewhat acceptable results, you will run into larger future problems. This is why it’s important to have a heat pump technician service your unit on a regular basis.

Can a Heat Pump Last Longer Than 20 Years?

It’s not unheard of. Every heat pump manufacturer is different and some have notably better quality than others, albeit at a much higher cost. If your heat pump lasts you for 20 years, it’s time to start planning for a new unit regardless of how well your maintenance and repair schedule has been.

Ensure the Longevity of Your Heat Pump Now

Your heat pump has a long life ahead of it with proper maintenance and timely repairs. It’s wearing two hats: both heating and cooling, and it puts up with a lot of mechanical stress as a result. It’s time to call in that repair order and maintain your home’s quality of comfort.

Contact us today to repair your heat pump and restore your home’s comfort as fast as possible.

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