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7 Reasons to Call for Heater Repair


It’s frigid outside right now. It would be the worst time for your heater to give out on you, but how are you supposed to know what to look for to prevent that? It’s not as simple as waiting until the heater just doesn’t work anymore; there are signs you can look for.

Heating repair in Winnetka, IL can get busy this time of the year. You need to identify what’s wrong with your heater now so you don’t have to worry about it later. This is what you need to know.

Really Odd Noises

Heat causes expansion, and expansion causes sounds. It’s common and completely okay for a furnace or vents to make some strange sounds, but they shouldn’t continue during the entire operation of your heater.

Certain sounds, such as rattling, buzzing, and extremely loud banging are all causes for concern. If you’re just now noticing the sounds your furnace makes and you didn’t notice yesterday, that’s a sign that something has broken the normal level of sound you’re used to. It’s a good idea to call for a technician at this point.

Higher Bills

You leave the thermostat at the same spot, and your energy company hasn’t increased rates, yet your bill is going up. Your heater is struggling and requires longer runtimes (meaning more power) just to heat your home. Make a call, fix the efficiency, and stop paying higher bills.

It’s Warming Your Home, But Barely

It’s heating, but is it enough? If you have to ask yourself that question, your heater isn’t pulling its weight. This is a big warning sign that something isn’t right, and continued operation could make the problem much worse or harm other parts. This one requires an immediate call.

Odd and Unfamiliar Smells

Some scents are to be expected, such as dust burning off in the ventilation. These smells are usually short-lived and only at the start of the season after your heater hasn’t seen much action. If your home doesn’t smell quite right when you turn the heater on (even after a few hours), that’s not good.

Your Heater is “Quirky”

Do you have to turn it on three times a day for it to reach the right temperature? If you’ve ever had to mumble a prayer under your breath while turning on the thermostat, it’s in need of a fix.

The Blower Motor Won’t Stop

Your blower motor kicks on, the heat reaches your desired temperature, but then it never stops running. Even if your heater isn’t producing heat, the blower keeps going and wasting electricity while bringing more wear and tear to your system.

The Blower Motor Won’t Turn on

Now the tables have turned. Instead of constant operation, now it won’t turn on at all. Your heater uses a blower motor for forced air, so if it won’t turn on, it won’t force any air. This requires immediate attention.

Don’t Delay: Repair Your Heater Today

Your heater is the last thing in your home that should wait until the last minute. Don’t risk your comfort and your safety during these cold Illinois winters. It’s important to call for your heater as soon as you need to, and get an experienced technician to restore it to its former glory as fast as possible.

Contact us today to repair your heater as soon as possible and restore your family’s comfort before it’s missed.1

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