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4 Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repair


Your boiler can last for well over a decade, but if it doesn’t get the right repairs it needs along the way, that lifespan is greatly shortened. You have to be keen about when your boiler needs repairs, so if you’re not someone who knows the intricacies of HVAC, these four common signs are the first signals that your boiler needs help.

You may boiler repair in Northbrook, IL; we’re going to help you find out if repair is imminent, or if it can be avoided for a while. This is everything you need to know about your boiler.

Lots of Strange Sounds

Your boiler is going to make some odd noises from time to time. Some are acceptable. Others are a cry for help.

A humming sound isn’t a cause for concern. It’s normal to hear some humming or light buzzing from your pipes while hot water circulates through your home.

If that humming sound is excessively loud or it’s causing your pipes to shake somewhat aggressively and create a loud buzzing, there could be a problem. This could be a pressure issue within your boiler, leading to dangerous levels that force water through your pipes too fast. A technician can diagnose this problem for you.

Foul Odor Coming From Your Boiler

Your boiler should never smell bad. If it does, there’s an issue with a buildup of anaerobic bacteria. Occasionally, a part of your boiler called the sacrificial anode needs to be replaced. If this is done during annual maintenance, it may prevent bad odors from rising in the first place.

Bad odors are caused by this bacterial growth that is generally housed in the magnesium and aluminum components of your boiler. A replacement should do the trick to remedy this issue.

Your Heating Bill Bumped Up

While your boiler isn’t to blame for your entire heating bill, it is part of it. If you’re not touching other areas of your home heating, but you notice your bill is still rising, it could be your boiler.

This happens when your boiler’s heating element is coated in a thick layer of sediment. Your heating element has to work harder to heat through the sediment and actually raise the temperature of your water. A clean and clear heating element is required for optimal efficiency. Your technician can help you with that.

Severe Lack of Hot Water

You’re used to a certain hot water supply from your boiler, but lately you’re not getting that same amount of hot water. It’s running out earlier. So what’s the deal?

Depending on how much sediment is on the bottom of your boiler and on the heating element, your tank may have less capacity. If there’s enough sediment and you haven’t had maintenance in a while, then it would explain a lower amount of hot water.

It’s Time to Repair Your Boiler

Your boiler isn’t going to last forever. It’s important to identify the signs of a failing boiler and determine whether or not it needs repair or replacement. If you’re hasty with repairs and upkeep your annual maintenance schedule, you’ll be able to enjoy your boiler for years to come. For everything your boiler needs, you have us.

Contact us today to schedule boiler repair before long-term damage sets in and increases your repair costs.

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