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Can Radiant Heating Be Repaired?


Your radiant heating system has been a massive improvement to your quality of life and home comfort, but now it’s not working quite as well as before. You know the installation was intricate, so is it something that can be repaired?

Thankfully, yes: it can be repaired. It’s not as straightforward as fixing other types of home heating systems, but it can be done. Before you call for radiant heat repair in Northbrook, IL, it’s important to know what types of repairs you can expect.

Finding the Problem

Diagnosing the exact problem can be difficult, which is why radiant systems don’t really have DIY solutions. Locating the problem should be left to professionals who have the right tools and know-how. Once they arrive, these are some of the issues they might find.

Damaged Cables

There are a fair few cables in your radiant heating system. Some of them run between the subfloor and the finished floor, while others are under rough flooring. They can all be damaged through wear and tear, though most problems arise from trying to inspect them on your own. Self-diagnosing a radiant heating system might actually make the problem worse.

The Floor is Warming, but Not Enough

If the floor is warming up, but it’s just not what it used to be, it could be due to a couple of reasons, but it’s likely the heating mat is starting to give out on you. Heating mats are pretty expensive components to any radiant heating system, so this isn’t a good sign.

Broken Circulator Pump

If your radiant heating system is hydronic and doesn’t use floor mats, the problem may be with your circulator pump. It could be failing, resulting in an insufficient amount of water running through the system. If you still feel some heat but you know it’s not enough, it means your pump is trying its best but needs to be repaired or replaced.

Faulty Thermostat

Radiant system thermostats aren’t too difficult to replace and don’t cost a lot, but if a bad thermostat keeps running, it could end up costing you quite a bit of money. Sometimes these thermostats try to run more voltage than necessary, resulting in a high energy bill. If you happen to have a voltmeter and know how to use it, you can determine if this is what’s happening. If there’s no heat at all, it means the circuit needs to be reset in the breaker.

Leaking Pipes

You’ll find water seepage through the floor. When a pipe bursts in your radiant heating system, it causes a lot of damage and needs to be handled immediately. While the leak may be small, it can wreak havoc on your floors.

Let’s Repair That Radiant System

Even though we listed a slew of problems above, each of them can be fixed. Your radiant system isn’t doomed.

Your radiant heating system needs a helping hand. We’re ready to take on the task. Contact us today to get your radiant system up and running again and get back to enjoying your enhanced level of home comfort.

Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for radiant heating system repairs and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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