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What Are Signs That Your Water Heater is Going Out?


Your water heater isn’t something you normally have to worry about. It just does its job silently in the background, you have maintenance for it every now and again, but it’s been reliable.

Well, it might not be as reliable as you think. Even when everything seems fine and dandy, there are some signs that point towards imminent water heater failure.

You can call for water heater repair in Winnetka, IL when that happens, but how do you know when your water heater is on a collision course with disaster? Let’s show you.

Low Water Pressure

If you turn your hot water faucet on, and there’s not much pressure, it could be your water heater. Don’t jump to conclusions, though; if your cold faucet also has water pressure issues, it’s likely caused by something else in your home.

But if your cold water faucet has no water pressure problems, it’s a clear and classic sign that something is up with your water heater.

Rusty, Gross-Looking Water

Inside your water heater, there’s something called the anode rod. This is, for all intents and purposes, a sacrificial rod. It attracts iron, limestone, and other minerals that can cause problems for your water heater.

When particles collect on the anode rod, they’re not deteriorating the tank. However, it comes with a price, because that anode rod can’t handle that burden forever.

Eventually, it breaks down. It’s not uncommon to replace your anode rod one or two times over the span of your storage tank water heater’s life.

When the anode rod has fulfilled its purpose, it can begin to rust. If you see rusty-colored water, it’s either the anode rod or your tank is starting to corrode and leech into your water.

Never Enough Hot Water (But There Used to Be)

When you do a load of dishes, the hot water runs out faster. Or, when you take a shower, you have less hot water before it runs out.

Your tank is wearing down over time. Temperature problems can be an indicator of imminent failure, although there are always other problems that can arise as well.

You Notice Odd Noises for the First Time

Your water heater doesn’t make a ton of weird noises. Sure, the pipes will knock from time to time, but overall it’s pretty quiet.

So why did you start noticing odd noises all of a sudden? It’s because there’s something going on with your water heater.

Banging, popping, and even humming or rumbly noises can all be indicators of an upcoming problem. If you hear any of these noises, it’s important to call for repair as soon as possible.

Before it’s Too Late

Water heater repair isn’t always an option. Depending on the damage to your water tank, it may need to be replaced entirely. There are just certain things a technician can’t replicate, like the conditions of a factory machine creating the water tank in the first place.

In that event, replacement is necessary. You can either talk to your technician about a replacement, or go tankless. Hopefully, your water heater still has years of use ahead and none of these signs jumped out at you.

Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule water heater maintenance, repair, or replacement and remember to take advantage of our available financing options.

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