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Don’t Let Your Heat Pump Get Too Cold

This blog post might serve more as a public service announcement than an advice column. There are plenty of homeowners in our area that use heat pumps during the winter to stay warm without consuming too much energy. The systems are great heaters and they work exceptionally well when temperatures are moderately cold. However, when we get sudden dips in temperature, there can be a serious problem that occurs.

Heat pumps can sometimes start running in recovery mode, which is a specific process it has to go through when it’s starting to freeze. This can be a little disconcerting for homeowners that start receiving cold air from their vents.

Don’t worry, you can always call us if you think you need heat pump repair in Glenview, IL. Though, if you’re just dealing with a heat pump that’s defrosting, we’ll talk about why that might not be as much of a problem as you might think!

What Is Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is what we call that instance when things get too cold for your heat pumps and it starts to freeze up, causing it to run in reverse. All the sudden, on a frigid day, you might notice that your heat pump is blowing cold air into your home. That can’t be right, can it? This surely signifies that you need to get your heat pump repaired.

Well, not exactly. By running in reverse, your heat pump starts using the heat that’s inside your house to warm up the system and stop it from freezing entirely. This is what we call “recovery mode” or “defrost mode,” and it’s, unfortunately, going to happen sometimes when temperatures dip too low. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t last very long and there are some ways as a homeowner that you can avoid it.

Is Your Heat Pump Okay?

Let’s address the important concern. Is your heat pump okay when it’s running in recovery mode? Well, yes and no.

For starters, your heat pump is likely going to be fine once it’s able to warm up enough. It’s designed specifically to be able to handle cold temperatures, and recovery mode is just one way that it can stay functional when otherwise it would freeze up and be unable to work.

However, your heat pump might not need to run in recovery mode. The fact that it’s doing this at all means either temperatures are reaching record numbers outdoors, or your home is a little too cold.

Don’t Let Things Get Too Cold

Don’t run your heat pump too cold if you’re trying to save money in the winter. This is because the more warmth that’s inside your home and contained within your walls, the more heat your heat pump can use when it starts to freeze up outdoors. Keeping temperatures warm and comfortable inside is a great way to allow your heat pump to keep running smoothly and for the recovery mode to be just a small blip on your radar.

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