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The 3 Big Warning Signs That Your Heater is in Trouble

As the temperatures drop and the chilly winds of winter start to blow, your home’s heating system becomes your best friend, providing glorious warmth and comfort. But like any mechanical system, heaters can experience issues over time.

Recognizing the warning signs early can help you avoid a complete breakdown and costly repairs. Here are the three big warning signs that your heater may be in trouble and need heating repair in Northbrook, IL.

Really Uneven Heating and Temperatures Across Your House

Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home are a big red flag that your heater isn’t chugging along as well as you thought. If some rooms feel significantly colder than others, or if you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature, it’s time to investigate.

While this could be something simple like a miscalibrated thermostat, it could also be a deeper problem with your heater. Even then, your technician cna help you recalibrate your thermostat and ensure that’s not the issue.

It should also be noted that inconsistent temperatures could also be due to air leaks, which would be a problem with your ductwork and not the heater itself. Because the problem isn’t always what it appears to be, having a professional to help you out in these situations matters a lot.

There’s Unusual Sounds Coming from Your Heater

You know what your heater sounds like. Most of the time, it’s quiet other than the sound of rushing air from your vents, so you know when an odd, erratic noise pops up. These can be?:

  • Banging or Clanking: These sounds can indicate issues with the blower motor, ignition, or a buildup of debris in the heating system.
  • Squealing or Screeching: High-pitched noises may be a result of worn-out or malfunctioning fan belts or bearings.
  • Rattling or Vibrating: Loose components, such as screws or fasteners, can produce rattling or vibrating noises.

Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

A poorly-optimized or inefficient heater ends up costing you more on a month-to-month basis, too. When your heater isn’t running through a normal cycle in the proper amount of time, it draws more energy as it tries to compensate for where it’s lacking.

You might notice your energy bills going up, and it could be due to leaks in your air ducts that cause heat to leak out and not make it to the vent. Your heater might simply have a hard time starting up because when it pulls in air, the clogged filter makes it difficult to do so.

Walk around your house and make sure the vents are opened, there’s no clutter near the heater itself (because it can trigger the failsafe and shut down prematurely if it can’t ventilate properly), and swap out that air filter, all before you call for repairs.

It’s Time for Heater Repair

Do the problems on this list jump out at you? If so, you need to help your heater quickly before it runs into additional damages. Don’t delay–contact us today so we can fix the problem for you as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your heater repair as soon as possible before the damages get worse.

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