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This Is What You’re Really Breathing in at Home

When you really take a step back and think about what’s in your air, what do you picture? The truth is, there’s a lot of particulate matter floating in your air right now, much of which can be harmful to your health.

To put it into perspective for you, if you don’t have a whole house air filtration system in Morton Grove, IL, you’re breathing in air that’s around 4-9x worse than the air that’s outside. Let’s talk about what’s actually entering your lungs right now.

Indoor Pollutants

These are categorized as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. They can stem from sources of dust, pet dander, and even mold spores that you may not realize exist in your home.

You’ll notice a certain amount of dust in your home no matter what, but when you have a quality air purifier system in place, less dust circulates the air and lands on your surfaces. That means going on a deep cleaning spree in your home after your system is installed actually helps keep it clean for longer.

Particulate Matter

This differs from VOCs, because while it can stem from organic sources such as cooking, these particles stay in the air for quite a while and are usually inhaled by you and your family. These can be from smoke that comes off a freshly blown-out candle, or even chemical cleaning products.

Another source could be sawdust if you do woodworking, incense, air from an oil furnace, and even agricultural sprays and pesticides. To some degree, all of these particulate matter types can exist in your home and impact your quality of air.

So How Does It Impact Your Health?

Your lungs have a natural filter system. This area is designed to latch onto debris and dust as it enters your lungs, and deal with it in a different way. It turns it into waste and moves it out of your lungs through mucus. It sounds gross, but it’s what your body does, and that process has its limitations.

When you stress your body and force your respiratory system to work too hard, it can lead to sickness, wheezing, and even long-term breathing issues. Imagine if that happened because you were breathing in the air in your own home.

Nobody wants that to happen. While your AC filter and having airtight windows and doors are important, they’re only a fraction of the puzzle. You need a whole house air purification system that runs 24/7 so it can continuously clean your air, and protect your health in the process.

It’s Time for Cleaner Air

Now that you know what’s floating around in your air right now, it’s important to know that it can impact your respiratory system health, immune system, and even your ability to achieve deep sleep. It’s time to get serious about your indoor air quality and your health, and we can help you get started with that today.

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