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Here’s What Can Go Wrong During AC Installation

Your air conditioner’s most important day is the day it’s installed. The way that it’s installed matters, because if it’s done incorrectly, it can have long-term ramifications for the longevity of the whole unit. We want you to be equipped to know what to look for while the installation techs are doing their thing.

We’ve handled a lot of AC installation in Northbrook, IL, seen just about everything you can expect to see, and this is us sharing all of that experience and knowledge with you so that you don’t run into the same problems.

Installing a Bad Drainage System

Your air conditioner is responsible for pulling humidity out of the air in your home. When it does this, it sends all that water to a drain pan, and then through a condensate drain line so that it can be sent away from your home.

But if the line is installed improperly, that water will pool up around your air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet instead. While this doesn’t seem like a big issue, it c an cause corrosion of the metal, and leak inside to damage other components of your air conditioner.

The tube can also stop releasing water and instead grow mildew in the line. Then the line clogs, and the drip pan overflows because water isn’t traveling down the line, and you get a whole different host of problems. If the line isn’t installed right, it’s bad news.

Incorrect Thermostat Placement

With a standard central AC system, your thermostat placement matters. The thermostat gauges the temperature in your entire home, which is collectively changed by air pouring into all the different vents throughout it.

But when the thermostat isn’t in a good spot to accurately get a feel for the temperature across the entire house, you get inconsistent information the entire time. That means it may turn your air conditioner on when it’s not actually needed yet, costing you more in energy bills.

Old Air Duct Problems

Your older air ducts should be fine. Chances are, they won’t need to be replaced just because you’re removing the old air conditioner. However, when removing the old unit, some problems with the ductwork may become clear. Most of these will be caught during the pre-installation appointment when technicians inspect your home before bringing the new unit in, but it’s not possible to find every single potential issue until you’re in the thick of it.

We’ll Install Your AC Right Every Time

With our experience and dedication to doing things right, not just quick, we know what it takes to put your new air conditioner in without any hiccups. We’ll take care of your air conditioner needs as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All it takes is a phone call or a quick fill-in of our contact form to get started.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning installation as soon as possible.

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