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What Is HVAC Retrofitting?

Your air conditioner is a series of working parts that operate in tandem together, but what happens when some of those components stop working as intended? They need to be replaced, but depending on how old your HVAC system is, you may need to retrofit instead.

So what is an HVAC retrofit in Winnetka, IL, and why does it concern you? The biggest reason is because of SEER2 standards changing alongside the Inflation Reduction Act in January, 2023. These change the types of machines that can be manufactured, so retrofitting may be your only inexpensive option to repair your AC.

Why Would You Retrofit in the First Place?

Retrofitting your air conditioner is a good ide when you have a mostly functional AC, but it’s outdated. Maybe it’s only 5 years old, but if it uses R22 Freon or falls under the new SEER2 minimum requirements, it’s an outmoded system.

Since you can’t just put any refrigerant you want in your air conditioner, a leak in your condenser coil is a much bigger deal than it would be for a new unit that utilizes a different kind of refrigerant. Because HVAC companies aren’t allowed to sell any older machines that fall under SEER2 guidelines as of January 2023, your only option to keep using your current AC is to retrofit it with older parts.

Well, How Does it Work?

Most homes have a forced-air heating and cooling system. That consists mostly of a condenser, blower motor, compressor, expansion valve, and more. When one of these parts breaks, the rest are rendered unusable since they rely on that now-broken component. So when your air conditioner needs that part replaced, you get a new part to pop into place where the old one was.

Sounds simple, but that new part has to be able to work with your existing system, so you can’t just grab anything off the shelf and hope that it will suffice. Still though, retrofitting your old AC with one or two new components is an excellent way to save money and still get more years of life out of your unit as a whole.

Can You Just Do it Yourself?

In most cases, no you cannot. Most of these components have to meet specific requirements to work with your old system. This is where a technician’s expertise really comes in handy, because there’s no specific guide or manual that tells you how to retrofit. It comes down to how the technician’s experience is applied to the specific replacement parts.

Schedule Your Retrofit Today

There’s no time like the present to get a retrofit done. That being said, it’s also a big task and one that requires precision. That’s why you need technicians like ours in your corner. We’ll help you through the entire retrofitting process and make it as flawless as possible. We’re ready to get started.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner retrofit as soon as possible.

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