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How to Spot Bad Local Heating Contractors

Your home comfort is a big deal. You and your family rely on it year-round, but especially when winter hits and the heater needs to come on. That means you can’t just leave your family’s comfort up to the work of amateurs.

Finding the right heating contractors in Northbrook, IL is simple once you learn how to find the bad ones. This is what it looks like when you run into a heating contractor that you shouldn’t hire under any circumstances. Let’s look at these red flags.

Their Reviews Are Awful

This one is pretty immediate after a quick Google search. Any business’ reviews pop up right away, and we don’t just mean the star ratings–the actual reviews. Look for recent reviews and read the ones that have some thought put into them, and find out exactly what this company is made of. Reviews reflecting bad service that are well-written usually have some merit to them.

They Don’t Answer When You Ask if They’re Insured

We always recommend that you call a local HVAC company to get to know them and ask questions, and one of those questions absolutely should be if they are insured. When you deal with uninsured HVAC contractor\s, their liability becomes your liability. They get hurt on the job and rack up a $10,000 medical bill at the hospital that afternoon, you’re on the line for it. Always make sure they’re insured.

They’re Always the Cheapest Option

In business, you have two ways to compete against other companies in your industry: outmatch or outprice. When all you offer is outpricing your competitors, it’s because it’s the only way you can secure sales. Since you should be getting quotes from multiple HVAC contractors before moving forward, take the bottom option and just lob it off the list. It’s not worth your time.

Listen to Word of Mouth

We’ll end on a strong one here–and that’s word of mouth reviews from friends, neighbors, and family. Simply put, this remains the most reliable way to get true insight into anything, whether it’s a product online, a local doctor, and especially an HVAC company to hire for your heating needs.

This is one reason why an HVAC company’s reputation, particularly when they’ve been around for a while, is very telling of how they conduct business. Simply asking friends and family about their experiences with an HVAC company will tell you more than anything else could. You’ll know how they respect your home, your time, and your budget, and that’s worth everything when you’re searching for new contractors.

Always Go With the Best

We’re here to help you with every aspect of your home heating, from installations to repairs and everything that falls in between. We even have financing options available when you’re dealing with comfort problems and budget constraints. Let’s talk about what we can do for your home heating today and make it happen.

Contact us today to schedule your heating installations, repair, and schedule maintenance.

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