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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Heating?


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to commercial heating. What works for your competitor may not work for you (there’s just too many variables to truly know from reading online).

When you get commercial heating in Morton Grove, IL, technicians help you find out what works best for you. They listen to your pain points, discuss all the intricacies of setting up your system, and then get to work.

Before that happens, you should know what you’re getting into. These are the four main types of commercial heating systems you need to at least know about before getting the process started.

Radiant Heating Systems

You may be used to forced air heating systems, like the one you have at home. Radiant heating is far from it.

Instead of using forced air (which in commercial terms is warm air), radiant heat works by using plaque heaters to produce heat from a specific source. It may also include tubes if necessary.

There’s no hot air; it’s using infrared radiation to produce heat instead. Radiant heating solutions can save you money over warm air systems depending on what your building is like.

With a drafty building that has a lot of windows and high ceilings, all that warm air is just going to float up. In these cases, radiant heating is a great choice instead.

Warm Air Heating Systems

Furnaces, electric heaters, boilers–you can use a lot of different sources in a warm air heating system. The goal here is to, well, warm the air.

If you require constant temperatures for your business, a warm air solution can help maintain a good temperature by combining the efforts of different machines. It pulls air into a vent, then heats it, and pushes it back out into the area.

Air Rotation Heating Systems

Warm air on the top and cold air on the bottom can lead to condensation issues. For facilities that push out packages, this can be an enormous issue.

Instead of having that constant battle of hot vs. cold in your business, air rotation systems do exactly what you would assume–rotate the air to keep a mostly unified temperature.

Destratification Heating Systems

Heat rises. In a building with high ceilings, you end up with a warm ceiling and a cold floor. Destratification systems work with fans to mix warm and cool air to create a better, more even temperature.

By keeping the temperature even across the whole building, customers stay warm and you aren’t burning through money to only heat an area that won’t see foot traffic.

Your Commercial Heating, Your Way

Your business matters. Your employees and customers matter. Make sure they feel like take that point gets across without you ever having to say it.

Take care of their comfort so it’s not even a question whether you value them or not, and they’ll repay the kindness in all the right ways. Take charge of your commercial heating right now.

Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your next commercial heater installation. Get ahead of the competition.

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