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February Heating Checklist for 2021

Now that we’re almost a full two weeks through February, homeowners might be thinking about winding down their heating systems. This sounds like a good idea, except for the fact that another cold front could swoop in and cause chillier weather before March arrives.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together a checklist for your heating system. You need your heating in Winnetka, IL to work throughout the rest of the season, which is why we’ve listed some best practices that could help your system persist. If you follow this checklist and spend some time every month paying a bit of attention to your heating system, we promise you’ll be in good shape for the months ahead.

Remember, you’re not alone! If you run into any strange sounds or hassles coming from your heating system, call us as soon as possible. Our team has the tools and expertise necessary to fix the root of the problem.

Keep Temperatures Mild

We know that a warm and cozy home feels better than a chilly one, and we would never tell you to keep your home uncomfortable. However, if you’re setting your thermostat to 80 or the upper 70s on a chilly day, you’re doing your heating system a disservice.

First of all, the system will never reach that temperature realistically. All this will do is keep it running for longer and inefficiently. By keeping things mild, perhaps at a temperature like 68 during the day and 62 at night, your system will be much happier and will last longer. Plus, you’ll see a decrease in your heating bills.

Unblock Your Air Vents

We’ve seen too many homes where homeowners blocked up certain vents so they could huddle around the ones in the living room to stay warm. People assume this will increase the power of the heat that comes from those few uncovered vents. This is not true.

By covering up vents, you’re only making the job harder on your heater. It should be able to heat your whole home, and if it’s not, then your heater needs to be repaired. Keep vents open so the thermostat can register properly and your heater has a chance to heat your whole home.

Schedule Maintenance

Hey, now would be a great time to schedule maintenance! Even if we’re lucky and all the coldest days are behind us, you still need to deal with the winter to come next year. Maintenance will keep your system in good condition so that it’s ready to fight against the cold temperatures that are to come in the years ahead.

Consider Replacement

Some heaters are just not fairing well this winter. They’re clunking about, ringing, grinding, shrieking, and you’re calling us for help every month. None of the things we’ve mentioned in this blog post will help very much if your heater is suffering from old age. In this case, consider investing in a replacement heater system for the winter to come. Heater replacement can be a cost-effective way to deal with a problematic system that’s falling apart.

Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has your back. Call us if you need help with your heating system.

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