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The Science Behind Heat and Energy Recovery

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are a new piece of technology that are making the rounds. Sure, there are some homeowners that are more likely to buy whatever their trusted professional tells them to, but our customers a bit smarter than that. You want to know exactly what you’re getting into if you invest in these kinds of HVAC services in Highland Park, IL.

We agree! We would never want you to pay money for something you don’t at least somewhat understand—so that’s the point of this blog today. If you keep reading, we’ll go into detail about how heat and energy recovery ventilators work, what you can expect from them, and why they could be perfect for your home comfort. Keep those windows closed this summer or winter, while still enjoying the fresh air you know and love.

What Is a Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator?

Before you even consider purchasing one of these systems, it’s important to know how they work in the first place! Starting with heat recovery ventilators, these machines work to make sure that your home is inundated with fresh air directly from the outdoors.

Do you recall the amazing feeling when you’re tired of stuffy indoor air, and you open the door or window to get a face-blast full of fresh, clean, outdoor air? Well, heat recovery ventilators are able to replicate that feeling without you needing to actually open a window and waste the heat that your heater has worked so hard to create!

The ventilator works by mixing your indoor air and the incoming, fresh air from outside. When they mix, the heat from your heater (or cold from your air conditioner) is transferred to the fresh air, and it’s filtered so you don’t get any of the stuffy particles your old air had. Eventually, the heat recovery ventilator releases the fresh air you want with minimal heat loss!


So, where do energy recovery ventilators come in? Imagine the same process that we just described, except add your home’s humidity to the mix. Energy recovery ventilators can transfer the humidity in your indoor air with the fresh air from outdoors, essentially making the fresh air feel perfectly comfortable to your standards!

Why Invest in This System?

That’s a really good question! Who would care enough to invest in such a niche system like this? Well, if you enjoy the fresh air you get from opening a window, an ERV or HRV could make all the difference in your energy or heating bill. Let us explain.

By keeping the heat and humidity that your HVAC system works so hard to produce, it allows your home comfort machines to run much more efficiently with the help of an ERV or HRV. HRV and ERVs can also bring a boost in air quality, since most of your breathable air is now coming from outside, where there are less contaminants and irritants in the air. Basically, you’re getting heightened efficiency, better air quality, and a comfortable level of air that you might not be used to!

It’s time to give Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call for your very own HRV or ERV system today!

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