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What’s in Your Air: Why Your Indoor Air Quality is Worse Than You Think

The air you breathe isn’t just important–it’s critical to your health. Every minute of every day, you could be breathing in allergens, pet dander, dust, debris, and disease-causing bacteria.

If that made you tense up, that’s a good thing. Thankfully, a whole house air purifier in Northbrook, IL can help you take control of your indoor air quality. This helps you sleep better, breathe easier, and live better. Let’s break into all the details below.

First, This Is What’s in Your Air

To know why an air purifier is important, let’s talk about what’s in your air first. This is a basic list of what’s found in most indoor air (and why it’s of less quality than outdoor air).

  • Dust (floats around all the time)
  • Dirt (can get kicked into the air)
  • Soot (candles, cooking)
  • Smoke (candles, cooking)
  • Particulate matter (chemicals/liquid in the air)
  • Biological contaminants (chemicals, mold)

That’s a bit of broad coverage. The exact and specific particles in your indoor air depend on your habits, such as airborne odor eliminators, candle smoke, cigarette smoke, and the list goes on and on.

So What Does That Do to Your Lungs?

Your lungs have a natural filtration process built into them. That sounds great, but it’s a function with limitations and repercussions.

Your lungs create mucus that pulls particles out of the air you breathe in, so it can push oxygen through to your bloodstream. While it’s not perfect, it traps nearly everything and uses that mucus to turn it into bodily waste.

But as we said, it has limitations. Just because your car runs when you put cheap gas in it doesn’t mean you’re doing the engine any service. The same goes for your lungs.

Not having an air purifier set up is just putting more work on your lungs. Since they can’t fight against everything, and are subject to change based on how you feel, how much sleep you got, and whether or not you’re sick, you shouldn’t rely on that natural filtration system. Instead, filter the air before it hits your lungs.

It Even Impacts Your Sleep

Sleep is complicated. We don’t realize it because, well, we’re asleep–but your body goes through many processes, breathing rate changes, and uses oxygen to collect and discard various waste in the body. Even your brain has a waste system, and we know how dependent your brain is on oxygen.

Your body runs through different processes while you sleep. Good air quality supports those processes and improves your ability to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Don’t ruin tomorrow because you didn’t take care of your indoor air quality today.

Breathe Easier, Live Better

It’s never too late to take your indoor air quality seriously. You can install an air purifier now so you don’t regret it later–we can help with that. Let’s talk about your needs, expectations, and installation right now.

Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your whole house air purifier installation as soon as possible.

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