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Check Out the Most Reliable AC on the Market

Let’s be honest, homeowners care a lot less about recent advancements in cooling technology than they do about cooling their home affordably. How many times have you been talking to a salesman where you just want to cut them off and ask the burning question—”so, how much?”

We get it. Air conditioners are the same way. There are a lot of highly efficient and technologically advanced comfort systems out there, but they’re not what the majority of Americans use. Most people utilize central air conditioners to cool their home. That’s because a central AC in Winnetka, IL is affordable, effective, and efficient.

We’re going to take a break from talking about some of our more exciting pieces of technology we service, and talk more about a beloved piece of equipment that so many people in our community rave about. Let’s discuss central air conditioners, how they work, and why one could be perfect for your home.

What They Do

Central air conditioners are not powered by cold magic. They utilize lines of pressurized refrigerant which alternate between gas and liquid. When the refrigerant is pressurized into the gaseous form, it draws in heat from the environment (i.e. your home) while in the evaporator coil. When it’s cycled to the condenser coil, it condenses, releasing the heat. This cycle happens over and over again to pull heat from your home and deposit cool, conditioned air on a regular basis. This process is also incredibly efficient, because the system only requires enough power to turn on, pressurized refrigerant, cycle it, and turn off. That’s it!

This process is so effective because it uses a centralized cooling system with the air ducts in your home. Once the air conditioner has completely cooled the air inside of it, that air is then distributed to the rest of your home via air ducts. If you’ve got air ducts in good shape and a functioning heater for the cold days of winter, a central air conditioning system could be perfect.


The biggest reason why homeowners choose central air conditioners all over the country is because of the affordability of the system. Sure, they require air ducts to work and they might not be as hyper-efficient as ductless systems, but they’re some of the most affordable types of air conditioners available.

For the money you pay, you get access to an effective cooling solution that’s going to keep your home comfortable. It’s no wonder why people choose this system over so many others.

Professional Installation

Don’t think just because a central air conditioner is more affordable, you can cut corners on installation! Central AC systems need to be sized accordingly for your home. Otherwise, you risk having them short cycle or become strained when trying to cool the air in your home. These problems can be pretty severe and might lead to a whole system replacement if you’re not careful. Call our team today for expert central AC installation that is bound to last well into the future.

Here at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. we have the experience and expertise necessary to set you up with a powerful cooling system. Call us today!

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